iTron HAB01

When the unit is powered on, the WIFI LED will flash. Once the WIFI LED has stopped flashing, the unit will have created a wireless network and advertise itself with an SSID of ITRON-XXXX where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the LAN MAC address (stickers with LAN MAC address are on box and the bottom of the unit). If you connect to this access point using any mobile device (iOS or Android) you should be redirected (using the captive portal functionality of your device) to the login page for the ITRONHAB01 (see Fig 1).

The unit will always advertise itself as a wireless access point.

Fig 1. Initial Login Page

The account name cannot be changed, select a password at least 6 characters long (the line under the password will change from red to blue when the length is acceptable). Click the Submit button. A message will appear saying you have successfully set your password, you will then be displayed the login page again and have to enter your new password in the password field and click ‘SIGN IN’. You will be taken to the main System screen which displays various information about your system. If your system has been connected to a wired network and there is an active DHCP server on the network, it will acquire an address and the Wired Status will show the assigned IP address (see Fig 2)

Fig 2. System Info

WIRED Configuration

To configure a static IP address, click on the WIRED tab and select ‘Static’, fill in the Address, Netmask and Gateway fields and click ‘Apply Changes’. The unit will then restart, while restarting the WIFI LED will flash. Once the WIFI LED has stopped flashing, the unit will be ready.

WIFI Configuration

To configure the wireless settings, click on the WIFI tab. You can change the advertised name of the Config SSID (defaults to ITRON-XXXX where XXXX is the last 4 digits of the LAN MAC address).

To join to an existing wireless network, select the ‘Detected Wi-Fi network’ dropdown field, all discovered wireless networks will be displayed along with their approximate signal strength. Select the SSID of the wireless access point you wish to connect to, if the SSID is password protected, you will be prompted to enter the password for the SSID. You can config a static IP address if you wish by selecting the ‘Static’ radio button and entering the required IP address details (address, netmask, gateway).

After making any requires changes, click the ‘APPLY CHANGES’ button. The unit will restart. If connecting to a wireless network, the WIFI LED should flash while the unit is starting up and remain solid once a connection to the SSID has been established.

Serial Configuration

To configure the serial port, click on the SERIAL tab. The baudrate, data bits, parity and stop bits can be configured on this page. To apply any changes click the ‘APPLY CHANGES’ button.

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The home automation bridge has reached pilot production phase. Initial firmware v.1.0.1 supports IR sending, Relay control and Serial to IP bridge compatible with the iTach API.

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